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Coming up - Solo Recital at Taiwan in December 2023

In one month, I am excited to present a lecture and a solo recital in Taipei, Taiwan, sponsored by the O-Bank Education Foundation. The lecture, scheduled for December 21st, will delve into the life and musical language of Czech composer Janáček. During this session, I will introduce Janáček's piano music to the Taiwanese audience, offering insights into his artistic journey. The comprehensive lecture aims to guide the audience in appreciating and understanding the nuances of Janáček's music.

Following the lecture, on December 22nd, I will showcase a solo recital featuring Janáček's piano solo works. The program will include the Sonata "1. X. 1905," selections from "On an Overgrown Path," and "In the Mists." I look forward to sharing the beauty and depth of Janáček's compositions with the vibrant audience in Taipei.

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